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Our Sites

We have a number of sites that provide everything from CTR Rings, to Scriptures, Books, and even Food Storage! We also have sites with free sources such as ClipArt and FHE lessons.  We aim to serve the LDS Community with convenience and unparalleled customer service. Here we feature some of our sites…

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Our Company

Latter Day Products based out of Orem, UT has been serving Latter-day Saints for over 7 years; successfully operating and managing websites selling CTR rings, Scripture cases, LDS jewelry and more. We have served thousands of LDS customers worldwide…

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Our Family

We are here to provide our customers with the best products and service possible. Many hands put their shoulder to the wheel in order to do this. The best part about working at Latter Day Products is that we are all like family.  And much like a family, we are all different in our own way…

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